Your State of Mind Could Impact Your Physical Health

In the physical fitness world, your whole being and wellness is often missed. Focus is perhaps more often placed on singular fitness instead of whole fitness. Focus such as how much weight you’ve lost, or how far you run, or what you can bench press and so on. We take a little different approach. We believe in the importance of the whole you, your whole being. How well are you? How is your state of mind, emotional state, your spirit, and your body? Okay, I’ve probably lost 99.99% of the guys now. But hang with me for a moment. I’ll be the first to tell you I’d rather run to a gym before I’d run to any self-help group. I mean come on, let’s be men right???!!!

Most would agree it’s a no-brainer that stress can damage your health. What about something as simple as your “Outlook” on life?
Just the other day, a news segment reported how Science has shown that something seemingly insignificant as having a sunny disposition, a positive outlook, or hope or optimism can improve your physical health. (Well duh! I could have told them that!) The reports were actually pretty significant. Science has been studying this since the 1960s and looking at people over 40+ years, not only in the US but Europe as well. They found those with a positive outlook were 2-3X less likely to have high blood pressure and heart disease later in life. Women with a positive outlook had lower Cortisol levels which is a major contributor to stress. They found not only can you live longer, have less disease processes, cope better with disease, but also may help predict and prevent disease.

We could dig so very deep into much of this, but let’s go back to the optimism or positive outlook. Call it what you like, but insignificant it’s NOT!

Let me share a small, short story of a very difficult and life-changing event in my life. What do you do when your life crashes down on you? I went almost overnight from the perfect home, wife, and family to bankrupt, divorced and a shattered family. I found myself at a very pivotal decision of choice. Everything that was out of my control, had taken complete control over me. I knew I had two choices, give in and be destroyed or get strong in spite of it. I chose to get strong. I chose to believe in the hope that I would get over this mountain trying to bury me and be better, stronger, and more alive than ever. The power of that one little choice has drastically changed my life for the better (forever). I knew what was tearing me up, destroying me in every way would literally kill me. Guess what? I got fit! I found a new lease on life and even new love! It was so bad, I even got CANCER right in the middle of it all! Getting through difficult times is no cake walk, I totally feel for anyone dealing with crushing times. It seems like it will never end, and more likely will take time, a lot of time, but you can get through it. I did! You can too! I still look back to that difficult time for motivation and see how important that little choice was; to choose life and hope. It freed me to live again. That insignificant choice continues to give me new life, health, mental and emotional wellness, and physical strength.

The thing that nearly took me out has become a path to new life!
Let this be your story too! It starts with a decision, a choice.
Yours in health!
PS. Live Smart! Live Well!

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