Pissed! Angry! Enough!

Sorry for the Title!!! But seriously upset, angry, frustrated!

What’s that all about and what the heck does that have to do with you?


Here’s the simple what and why – Information overload! You ever get to that fed up point? Emails, advertisements, TV, videos, Facebook, and the list goes on and on! Sometimes I just have to disconnect and take a step back, take a breath or better yet a walk. What about you? How do you handle all of this information? Then to really top it off, I get information that just turns what I thought was good on it’s head.


Here’s what tripped my switch and was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I follow and study information from certain very trusted sources; I was watching a Doctor’s discussion on Wheat and why its bad for us. Great information, but also began the frustration as all the trust I’ve put in certain types bread and what I thought were good and healthy choices aren’t so good!  (I’ll dig into the wheat and gluten debate later, perhaps another post. Something I’ll want your input as well, so please stay tuned!)


Water: Next, I dive into water and water filters and am presented with more great information that just gets me even more upset. I’m in an area that has pretty good drinking water, especially in comparison to where I grew up in So Cal where we had plenty of chlorine and fluoride. Now I’m totally questioning my drinking water and what toxins may be in it. Makes me feel like “Great!”, now I can’t even drink my own water. More digging into this one for sure!


So do you just get fed up, frustrated, or perhaps as angry as I did over all the information we’re hit with? This was good info! Valuable info! But it felt like more of that urgent, apocalyptic stuff blasting at us everyday that tells us to “stop this now”, or “don’t eat that…ever!”. It just felt like dang it, give me something positive, PLEASE!


As my moniker states, “live smart, live well”, I’m taking all of it in, processing and researching to ultimately see where it leads in decisions for better health.


So what about you? What’s gotten you riled up and frustrated lately? Or am I the only nut?


In Health,


Live Smart! Live Well.


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