How to Push Through (when you don’t feel like it) – 3 Keys

Three tips or tools to help YOU succeed and Push Through

How to push through and keep going when you:

  • Don’t Feel Like It
  • Have No Motivation
  • Feel Lazy

Can you connect with these?

You’re not alone. We all struggle at times. Doesn’t matter if you’re new at fitness or been actively working out for ages; all of us hit those times where you’d rather do something else or nothing at all.


Had a Runner friend share one of the best pieces of advice.

Don’t plan on running miles. Don’t worry about running at all! Just put on your shoes.

Plan on putting on your running shoes. Next plan on stepping outside. When you’re struggling, make small, super small goals. You see getting on your running shoes actually is huge even when it seems small. What do you associate when your running shoes are on? Running. What are you more likely to do? Run. It will be MUCH harder to not “go ahead and run a bit” when you’ve put them on. Same with working out. Put your workout clothes on. When my friend would put on his running shoes, in the midst of not wanting to run, what happened next was just natural and truly transformational. “I’ve got my shoes on. I might as well go run for a bit.”Make your goals one small step at a time.

“Gosh I’m so drained I don’t feel like it.”

Been there many times. What did I do? I said okay, I’ll do one set. For me, the entire workout routine or big picture was too much to handle, too much to bite off. Instead, rather than give up or give in, I broke it down and said “one set”, just start.


Put on some good, motivational music. Music moves you from within and connects in ways that help ignite your brain. Use that, it’s a great tool to help make you “feel” like pushing through. What type is both incredibly important and individual. Some may need hip hop, or rock, or contemporary Christian. Each of us are unique and are “switched on” by our own individual musical likes. Personally I would stay away from Blues even when I love blues, or mellow jazz. Why? I need something Upbeat, not something that will lull me to sleep. Something up, strong, thumping, moving and grooving. Easy suggestions, Spotify and Pandora have great workout playlists or mixes.

3 – WHY?

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you need to answer why this is important to you. If you don’t have a great “why” to begin with, it will be near impossible to succeed at 1 and 2. A great Why defines your real reason for changing your life, improving and becoming the Best You.

Yours in Health


Ps, I’m listening to Spotify – Workout Mix, I’m thinking of all of you who are struggling at sticking with it. This comes to you in a very difficult personal time for me. I’m pushing through because of you. My struggle will pass…

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