How to Push Through (when you don’t feel like it) – 3 Keys

Three tips or tools to help YOU succeed and Push Through

How to push through and keep going when you:

  • Don’t Feel Like It
  • Have No Motivation
  • Feel Lazy

Can you connect with these?

You’re not alone. We all struggle at times. Doesn’t matter if you’re new at fitness or been actively working out for ages; all of us hit those times where you’d rather do something else or nothing at all.


Had a Runner friend share one of the best pieces of advice.

Don’t plan on running miles. Don’t worry about running at all! Just put on your shoes.

Plan on putting on your running shoes. Next plan on stepping outside. When you’re struggling, make small, super small goals. You see getting on your running shoes actually is huge even when it seems small. What do you associate when your running shoes are on? Running. What are you more likely to do? Run. It will be MUCH harder to not “go ahead and run a bit” when you’ve put them on. Same with working out. Put your workout clothes on. When my friend would put on his running shoes, in the midst of not wanting to run, what happened next was just natural and truly transformational. “I’ve got my shoes on. I might as well go run for a bit.”Make your goals one small step at a time.

“Gosh I’m so drained I don’t feel like it.”

Been there many times. What did I do? I said okay, I’ll do one set. For me, the entire workout routine or big picture was too much to handle, too much to bite off. Instead, rather than give up or give in, I broke it down and said “one set”, just start.


Put on some good, motivational music. Music moves you from within and connects in ways that help ignite your brain. Use that, it’s a great tool to help make you “feel” like pushing through. What type is both incredibly important and individual. Some may need hip hop, or rock, or contemporary Christian. Each of us are unique and are “switched on” by our own individual musical likes. Personally I would stay away from Blues even when I love blues, or mellow jazz. Why? I need something Upbeat, not something that will lull me to sleep. Something up, strong, thumping, moving and grooving. Easy suggestions, Spotify and Pandora have great workout playlists or mixes.

3 – WHY?

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you need to answer why this is important to you. If you don’t have a great “why” to begin with, it will be near impossible to succeed at 1 and 2. A great Why defines your real reason for changing your life, improving and becoming the Best You.

Yours in Health


Ps, I’m listening to Spotify – Workout Mix, I’m thinking of all of you who are struggling at sticking with it. This comes to you in a very difficult personal time for me. I’m pushing through because of you. My struggle will pass…

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Small Steps, Big Difference

Small changes over time make a big difference
Consistency is the real key to change

In our fast paced world, we tend to expect immediacy. It’s kind of funny, but there was a commercial recently where different folks did one thing; one push-up, one squat etc. That was it. Like “I did my one thing. I’m done”.
We easily expect instant results.

I bet you can relate to all of these! Keep reading below…

Faster Downloads

Fast Download

Fast Money

Fast Money

Fast Food

Fast Food


Here’s a hilarious personal example: I mean my GOSH, have you ever called your cable company for help? I would hate for you all to see me making a support call. Although second thought, you’d surely find it extremely funny! I first get frustrated at the automated assistant that continues to repeat “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that” when I answer as clearly and slowly as I can. Impatience getting the best of me, I end up raising my voice to get myself heard, even when I know it doesn’t matter. The computer is not going to care. The last time I called, frustrated that it could not understand me, then frustrated at the time I’m wasting, I finally repeated “representative” over and over until the thing responded something like “I’m sorry I didn’t get that, let me connect you to a representative”. Ha! I got what I wanted; to talk to a real person!

Okay, I confess. I despise calling them for two reasons, the time it takes (or wastes) and frustration over the automated communication.
Bottom line – I’m programmed to want and expect immediate results. “Like come on, can’t you just fix my cable box.” Instead, I have to go through the troubleshooting steps. It’s a pain, but necessary to get resolution.

Run FasterBring this back to our real world, our bodies and our health. It’s okay to want fast results, but don’t beat yourself up for that. If you do, forgive yourself! Don’t be so hard on yourself! How we got where we are took time and it’s going to take time to change that. Accept it. The truth is small consistent steps are your key to the best, long term results. Have you ever heard “how do you eat an elephant?” If you have, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, just google it and see. I’m here to tell you, I will stand by you and give you all the encouragement I can possibly give! The reason I’m doing what I am is to encourage and inspire you to be the best “you” you can be. A bit of a tongue twister but I sincerely mean it! That’s just my heart to yours.

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Yours in Health,


Are You a Tomato or Crabgrass

I get so stinking impatient with myself sometimes! I am undoubtedly my worst critic. Do you feel that way too?

For instance, I find myself frustrated at battling the “bulge”, or watching that cursed scale yelling at me that I’ve not dropped anything, or worse yet, gained!

Do you find yourself battling the same types of frustration and impatience?

I found the answer to my dilemma in all places, tending my garden. Any of you who regularly garden, especially vegetable gardens will relate and those who don’t, hang with me and I’ll explain some simple truths the garden has taught me to apply to my life (and you can too).

What’s the Goal when growing tomatoes? May sound silly, but what is the reason, why would you grow tomatoes?

Out of all people surveyed, all agree the number one goal for growing tomatoes is TOMATOES.

That simple right? Having reached this goal many times before, I have extra insight into what it will take and roughly how long to reach my goal. Length of time will vary due to weather as well as what type of tomato was planted. The main concept is I will harvest beautiful, tasty tomatoes when their time comes. This is the most typical outcome. You plant tomatoes, take proper care, you get tomatoes.

I could take the lazy route, drop them in the ground and nothing much else. A little water here and there “when I feel like it”. What I’ll end up with is CRAB GRASS! Crab grass will take over, and likely kill off all you hoped for. That old saying, ‘grows like weeds’ is no joke! It grows fast, and will take over everything in it’s path.

Are you a Tomato or Crabgrass?









Will you set your eyes on the goal and stay with it to the end? That’s my tomatoes. I know without a doubt my goal will be reached.

Or will you take the lazy approach and lie there like a patch of Crabgrass, letting bad habits, bad food choices, bad health choices take over and choke out your health and steal your goals and achievements?

  1. Remember where you came from.
  2. Remember the health you were in or lack thereof.
  3. Fix your eyes on where you want to go and stop looking back, stop the excuses!

I’m preaching at ME just as much as you!

Wishing you all the best in Health and Life!
Live Smart! Live well.