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Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest…

Any day outside is a great day!

We are active from Mountain top to Sea Level including hiking, backpacking, tent camping, hammock camping, biking, kayaking, Stand Up Paddle board (SUP), Snowboarding, just to name a few…

We are also very active in the Ballroom Dance community for our own fun, competition, and constant improvement, and big supporters, volunteers, and active in: The Southern Oregon Youth Ballroom Competition of all levels ages 10-22, Southern Oregon’s own “Dancing With The Rogue Valley Stars”, and Southern Oregon’s Sparrow Clubs (empowering kids to help kids in medical need).

Your improvement in health, wellness and fitness is what we are here for! …to help you Live Smart and Live Well!

  • Want to Look Younger and Feel Stronger?

  • Have room to improve?

  • Not sure where to start?

  • Need inspiration to refuel your motivation to be stronger, lose that weight, hit that goal?

We CAN help!

Sometimes we only need a little nudge to point us back on the right path. 

Sometimes we need a complete reboot. 

Sometimes we just need to know where to start.  

We can help you! Having been broken down, desperate, out of shape and mentally shattered, I know the struggle all too well. I understand the battle, and I know what it’s like to find that joy and strength again!

Click Below To get your free report now as your first step.

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We’ll then send you great, heartfelt, passionate content to help you succeed on your journey to very the best you!

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